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Real Work At Home Jobs Found Here

There is a company called Appen that has hired over 1 million people throughout 130 countries, so if you cannot find a job here, something is terribly wrong. Go to  and type in the category, location and keyword to help you find whatever job you might be interested in. Today, we have so many people working from home, it helps stay-at-home moms and people with disabilities earn a real live income.

Heads-up:  just wanted to let you know Appen is buying out Leapforce, one of the first companies that started hiring online years ago. These companies are legitimate, and pay real money, so sign up and find just what you are looking for.

Another company you might like to work for is because they are always looking for analysts to join their team. This is a company that does research and answers questions people ask. It would be an easy job that I could even do.

A huge research company called  is also looking for people to do research and solve answers all over the world.

A Chinese company  is another place to find an online position; just type in the US and your state to find any job they have available.

One more company for you to try is  ;  Sigtrack is a data processing company that primarily handles information connected to various campaigns. Personally I love data entry, and I know many of you do as well.


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saving money with coupons

Save Money Everyday With Coupons and the Best Sites

I found a site that really helps show you how to Save Money Everyday With Coupons and the Best Sites to go to in order to be successful.   If you are a beginner, they can help you out. Twenty years ago I belonged to a club where we traded coupons back and forth. It helped a lot because you might not need the coupons you got in your newspaper. I used to go dumpster diving in the apartment building I lived in trying to find coupons people threw away. I saved so much money on my groceries I hardly had to pay a thing. I would go to CVS and Walmart and ask them for all their coupons and rebates. Of course, they did not want me to have them, but I said what in the world did you get these things for if not for people to use.

Things changed a few years later, and stores stopped carrying rebates and coupons behind the counter, and they went digital or on email. I also registered with a few newsletters about swapping back and forth, and one of them was from someone we used to call the coupon lady. She could go to the store, buy an enormous amount of groceries, and not only not owe a cent, they would have to pay her. I saw her on tv showing everyone how to do this exact thing. This is why I wanted to connect anyone who could learn from this lady about saving. They have an app as well for those who just use their phones.

She has all the deals at the stores and what’s trending. She shows you all the coupons. She shows you gift cards as well. I always want to help you either save money or make money. Check out her site and join now….

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saving money


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