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Welcome to Doohickeys-Best Survey & Money Making Site you will find on the internet. I started this site to help everyone who wanted to make extra money. I have been taking surveys now for 20 years. I know the good ones and the bad. Before you do anything, i would like to ask everyone to sign up.  I        add these  companies here all the time. You  don’t want  to miss one company, and when i add new ones  they will be sent to you after you sign up.

Also, please come back often because there will be lots more ways for you to make money here. I am going to show you all the tips that i  can so you will be able to choose the best companies out there and it will keep you from finding some of the terrible companies that i  used to sign up with. I can’t tell you how many times i started on a survey, completed it, thought i was going to be paid for it because i got to the end, and at the last page they thru me off saying “We have all the applicants we need for this survey”. I’ve spent all day in the years past taking one survey thinking i was soon getting to the end, then something happened, and it was all wasted time.

I  have been making $1000’s every month now, love what i do, and all the products i test and get to keep. This is what i am hoping that  i can do to help you. Please leave a comment;  if you need my advice or there is any way i  can help, just give me a chance. Thanks for coming and please tell your friends.


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Do You Make Less Than $100,000 A Year?

The big question is “Do You Make Less Than $100,000 A Year”?  I did a Study for a year to find out how much i could make just to see if doing Surveys would be worth it. I meant to post this answer a while ago, but got busy, so if you want to find out what the answer was, please read further.


If you have a job making over $100,000 a year, i doubt this would be for you. I think the median for a household is around $50,000. Anyone making this amount could surely do with an additional income. Who doesn’t like seeing all that money in paypal or checks in their mailbox. Even Amazon money is not bad.

The payout potential is entirely dependent on the company you’re using to fill out surveys, selecting the highest payout surveys from the available opportunities and going through the surveys as quickly as possible while still providing quality results.

Filling out surveys is entirely possible while watching TV shows, so it’s important to point out that you can essentially make money while watching TV – but you still have to “work” to make the money.

I am signed up with so many companies, i have my choice as to which surveys i do and how much money i make. This is what you should do, too. Find the ones that work best and make you the most. I actually made over $1000 every month. If you do focus groups, you can make up to $250 for one hour’s work, and this really adds up. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks, leave a comment, and sign up.



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Save Money Everyday With Coupons and the Best Sites

I found a site that really helps show you how to Save Money Everyday With Coupons and the Best Sites to go to in order to be successful.   If you are a beginner, they can help you out. Twenty years ago I belonged to a club where we traded coupons back and forth. It helped a lot because you might not need the coupons you got in your newspaper. I used to go dumpster diving in the apartment building I lived in trying to find coupons people threw away. I saved so much money on my groceries I hardly had to pay a thing. I would go to CVS and Walmart and ask them for all their coupons and rebates. Of course, they did not want me to have them, but I said what in the world did you get these things for if not for people to use.

Things changed a few years later, and stores stopped carrying rebates and coupons behind the counter, and they went digital or on email. I also registered with a few newsletters about swapping back and forth, and one of them was from someone we used to call the coupon lady. She could go to the store, buy an enormous amount of groceries, and not only not owe a cent, they would have to pay her. I saw her on tv showing everyone how to do this exact thing. This is why I wanted to connect anyone who could learn from this lady about saving. They have an app as well for those who just use their phones.

She has all the deals at the stores and what’s trending. She shows you all the coupons. She shows you gift cards as well. I always want to help you either save money or make money. Check out her site and join now….

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