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Welcome to Doohickeys-Best Survey & Money Making Site you will find on the internet. I started this site to help everyone who wanted to make extra money. I have been taking surveys now for 20 years. I know the good ones and the bad. Before you do anything, i would like to ask everyone to sign up.  I        add these  companies here all the time. You  don’t want  to miss one company, and when i add new ones  they will be sent to you after you sign up.

Also, please come back often because there will be lots more ways for you to make money here. With our welcome to doohickeys-best survey & money making site, I am going to show you all the tips that i  can so you will be able to choose the best companies out there and it will keep you from finding some of the terrible companies that i  used to sign up with. I can’t tell you how many times i started on a survey, completed it, thought i was going to be paid for it because i got to the end, and at the last page they thru me off saying “We have all the applicants we need for this survey”. I’ve spent all day in the years past taking one survey thinking i was soon getting to the end, then something happened, and it was all wasted time.

I do not mind doing a 75 cents  or $1 survey, but i wanted to share the best survey & money making site around to help others. I  have been making $1000 every week for 10 years and  love what i do, and all the products i test and get to keep. This is what i am hoping that  i can do to help you. If you know of any new research or survey sites, leave a comment so i can add it here for everyone else.  Please leave a comment;  if you need my advice or there is any way i  can help, just give me a chance. Thanks for coming and please tell your friends.


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