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Welcome to my site. I started this site to help everyone who wanted to make extra money. I have been taking surveys now for 20 years, so i know the good ones and the bad. Before you do anything, i would like to ask everyone to sign up because i add survey and research companies here all the time. I don’t want you to miss one company, and when i add new companies they will be sent to you. Also, please come back often because i will have lots more ways for you to make money here. I have been making $1000’s every month, love what i do, and all the products i test and get to keep. Thanks for coming and please tell your friends.

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Do You Make Less Than $100,000 A Year?

I did a Study for a year to find out how much i could make just to see if doing Surveys would be worth it. I meant to post this answer a while ago, but got busy, so if you want to find out what the answer was, please read further.


If you have a job making over $100,000 a year, i doubt this would be for you. I think the median for a household is around $50,000. Anyone making this amount could surely do with an additional income. Who doesn’t like seeing all that money in paypal or checks in their mailbox. Even Amazon money is not bad.

The payout potential is entirely dependent on the company you’re using to fill out surveys, selecting the highest payout surveys from the available opportunities and going through the surveys as quickly as possible while still providing quality results.

Filling out surveys is entirely possible while watching TV shows, so it’s important to point out that you can essentially make money while watching TV – but you still have to “work” to make the money.

I am signed up with so many companies, i have my choice as to which surveys i do and how much money i make. This is what you should do, too. Find the ones that work best and make you the most. I actually made over $1000 every month. If you do focus groups, you can make up to $250 for one hour’s work, and this really adds up. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks, leave a comment, and sign up.





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Your Time Their Money

For anyone new to taking surveys, i just wanted to let you know what you will be getting for your participation. Even though some of these companies have merged or been bought out, you can still get paid by paypal and even a few send checks. These are the ones i love. When you spend your time to answer these companies, you want to be paid for it. If they pay you with what they call a tango card, that is just like cash, too. I let money build up to about $25-50, then i ask them to send me a check. Some of these places allow you to choose gift cards. I like the Walmart, CVS or Best Buy. Get the ones you spend money at. It’s so nice to be able to use a gift card and not your own money. If anyone ever finds a good one like the tango card, please leave a comment so we can all benefit from it. If anyone knows of other companies i don’t have listed, leave them in the comment section as well. Thanks, guys.

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How Much Can You Make?

How Much Can You Make? The amount of money you earn is  based on how much time and effort you devote in answering surveys. So if you take two to four hours of your time each day, you could realistically be making around $1500 to $4000 at the end of the month. Regular earnings made by people who spend an hour or so each day by taking surveys are around $750 to $1500.

Maximizing Your Earnings

To maximize your earnings, surveys sent out to you should be answered and sent back to the paid survey company as soon as possible.  You can also sign up to as many legitimate survey sites as possible so that you can get the maximum number of surveys. By the way, it’s free.

Here’s another little secret that most people never realize. When you first sign up with some of the survey companies, you just get several $2 and $5 surveys. But this is the weeding out process the survey company takes you through. If you stick it out and keep at it, they soon realize that you’re a serious survey taker and they pay much more for your opinions. I’ve done several $20 surveys, $250 focus groups and my favorites are always getting products to test and getting paid for them as well.

Answering paid surveys is really a great way to earn extra money. All you have to keep in mind is that you should be wise in choosing what paid survey sites to join. Don’t be a victim of those scam sites. The sites i have listed are all free to sign up with. Whatever you do, don’t pay to get paid.

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make money with surveys

New Take On Surveys

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to give you a different approach on taking surveys. I think watching someone else’s video might help, just in case you might not be sure about what you need to do.

The first video is giving you a perspective about doing videos using your cellphone. I’ve done these myself. They are much faster on your phone, plus you still get paid like normal. If you are sitting down at your doctor’s office, what better thing to do while you are waiting, than surveys where you can get paid.


The next video will show you how to fill out surveys for one of these survey companies. You are shown that they have offers you can sign up with and how to do it. It’s always a good idea to show you  the best way  to handle these, so you can move thru them much faster and easier. I hope this might help you in some way to make as much money as possible, because this has been my goal all along.