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With the price of gas and other necessities rising, more and more people are trying to stretch their dollars and bring in extra income in this shaky economy where jobs are hard to come by, people are becoming unemployed, and budgets are tight. If you are someone who could use some extra income each month, you could try telling companies what you think about their products through paid online surveys.

The process is fairly simple. First, you sign up with legitimate survey companies. Once you have signed up to a few survey companies, free of charge, you fill out your profile survey(s). You will be asked general questions about your age, income, work industry, hobbies, shopping tendencies, health, and so on. The information that you supply through these initial surveys will be used by the survey company to send you paid survey opportunities that match your profile.

In most cases, you are notified of new survey opportunities via email. In each email, you’ll usually be informed about the following: length of survey, survey topic, and reward for completing the survey. You will also be supplied with a link to access the survey.

Once you are taken to the survey, you will answer pre-qualification questions to make sure that you qualify to complete the entire survey. Based on the answers you give during this part of the survey, you will either disqualify for the survey or continue on to complete the survey. Upon successful completion, the survey is completed and you earn your reward.

Now there are a few things you need to understand about this opportunity.

1. In order to make real money taking surveys, you need to sign up with legitimate survey companies that pay cash. Many of them don’t actually offer monetary rewards but some of them do.

2. Surveys can pay anywhere from 50 cents to $100 or more but a majority of the surveys you will get will pay $1-$10. This may not sound bad either if you are under the assumption that you can take a bunch of surveys each day, but remember, these surveys take time (10-30 minutes average) and you won’t qualify for every survey you take. If you have the time and energy to take surveys on a regular basis and use tips to increase your paid survey earnings, you could manage to pull off more than $600 a month or more but if you’re like most people, who don’t have that much free time to spare, your earnings will be nominal.

3. Paid survey scams exist, so be careful. Not all survey sites will pay you like they promise, keep your information safe, and charge you nothing for taking surveys. To avoid bad survey sites, it’s best to stick with free survey sites and research any company you are interested in joining. I always found it fun taking these surveys and the best reward is getting paid.

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Another Survey Perspective

I like to add someone else’s content to my website so that you can find out as much as possible about making money with surveys.  I like to make a lot everyday and i know your time is valuable as well. I have taken a $1 survey and it took me 4 hours to finish it, mainly because i kept saying to myself “It will be over in a minute, just hang in there”.  But of course, it wasn’t over and it just went on forever, and the longer i stayed the more i wanted to get paid for what i had done.  There should be a law against some of these companies doing this.  The other thing that really gripes me is to start off with the survey and you are 15-20 minutes into it thinking you are almost thru when it kicks you off.  I always thought there was an unwritten rule where you would get kicked off right away if you did not qualify.  More and more of these survey companies just don’t care about us and are giving Surveys a bad name because of it.  That’s why i try to put the survey companies i have used myself and know to be legitimate.  If you find out that one is being disreputable, please let me know.

This video is another person’s belief of the companies they believe in. I am showing this to you in hopes it will add even more to your list so you will have more ways to make money.  Good luck to all of you.


Choose Survey Sites Carefully

I can’t tell you how many Survey Sites i have signed up with–750 at least.  Many times i have signed up with one that said “Make $50-100 Per Survey”. You know good and well it is a trick, but i did it anyway just to see if it might be real. I would sign up and it only has 5-6 companies to sign up with or it’s one of those sites you need your credit card for and it is a trial product and if you don’t forget to call and cancel the trial they will send you another product that charges you $89.95. You call time after time and rant and rave to get them to take your name and credit card off. Please make sure you don’t pay to join! There are too many places to sign up with that you do not have to pay. Make sure you check out what age child and adult they want. Some of the research companies now want to use teenagers to take surveys. Some let teenagers sign up which gives them some extra money in their pockets. Others include younger kids. Most all send products out to be tested, whether its diapers, shoes, or food. I have been sent quite a few things and love testing them.

If you are smart, you will start a new gmail account just for your survey taking. You don’t want a lot of spam sent to your good email account. Also, i’ve touched on this earlier but thought i would bring it up again–only sign up with companies that pay Cash. If all they do is put you into their sweepstakes pile, i don’t think it is legitimate plus you never win. Many times i’ve done this and sat around forever hoping to win and you just don’t. One other thing that is annoying–the legitimate sites let you cash out usually when you save $5-10. It’s the others that make you wait until you’ve saved $50-100. The good ones let you cash out using PayPal or send you a check. The others want to send an online e-gift card and others use gift cards. If you earned $5 that is what you get and i now have 6 $5 gift cards to 5 different stores i don’t go to. It’s a real pain.    



The question is “Can You Make $200 A Day?”  The answer is “Everyone Wants To”.  It is possible to do just that.  I was so impressed with this website i had to join and link up as many people as i can.  INFO BARREL is a place where you can continually make money just by writing an article about anything you know, or put up a video. People are making $2800 a month in their spare time.  InfoBarrel’s AdSense revenue share ranges from 75% to 90%, and also includes Chitika and Amazon ads.  As a new author your articles will get indexed within hours by Google, also your links will be to-follow from day one.   With just a little effort, you will find yourself making that $200 every day, and i hope every single one of you can do that. I just wanted to share this site with you in hopes that it will help you as much as it has helped me.  Please sign up here


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Making Money From Home


If you have a website and want to post free ads, i’ve found this is the best place to do it. You can earn money by placing this on your website as well, but if you have a product you want to sell, try Adland Pro because they have been around a long time and have a lot of subscribers.

Get Tools to success.


Even if you have a job these days, it is not enough. Everyone is looking for ways online to make more money, me included. So, i thought i would add a couple of good money-makers that you smart folks can make a go of. I probably will be all over the place with this because what appeals to one person just might not appeal to others. There are enough money-makers online for all of us to be happy.

My goal is for everyone to be able to add $1,000-$5,000 every month to their bank account. It is possible. I have been known to make $1,000 a month just doing surveys before, but i like to do a little bit of everything. It makes for a more interesting life.

My first one is this:  For $10 set-up fee you get your own website. It’s real cute and very easy to run. You have no products so you have nothing to ship. Customers pay you. You can use it to build a mailing list if you want. It is designed so people can help you advertise and you make 100% of the profits. So give it a try because it’s so cheap, you have nothing to lose:  http://goo.gl/R4DAhM




You find a new Survey Panel you think you might make more money at and join. Then you find out they are charging $49.95.   You are not supposed to pay them. They are supposed to pay you. Some of these places will tell you that you will be able to make as much as $200 a survey. That barely happens unless you are lucky enough to get invited to a Focus Group and then you usually have to go online for between 3-14 days to put your input to a company’s new product or service. Some of these places will tell you that you will make big money and if you pay their one-time fee they will tell you how you will be able to stay at home and you can make enough to quit your job. Do you actually believe that?

I have been taking surveys for so many years, i can tell you it’s not true. What if they say “pay our fee and you will receive a long list of survey companies to sign up with”. Wrong!  What if these places just want your email address to send you their “spam” junk mail. These crazy rip-off places do nothing good for you.

There are quite a few survey places out there called “survey routers” that have a list of surveys for you to do everyday. The only problem with these places are the surveys are not short, but the money is. Most of those surveys you only get from $.50-$1.25 for each one. You will get paid but you have to take so many to make any amount of money at all. What really irritates me about some of these places is they give you points instead of real cash and their point system is horrible. You should get paid $10 for what they are trying to pay you $1 or $2. The other thing i don’t like about them is they say they will pay you with gift certificates. Some of those GC don’t do you any good because the physical store is no where near you and you can’t use it on their online store.

I call it a “big mess”. I don’t like it all the way around, so i have always stuck to something i know. I have chosen my survey places well and tried to stick with these good companies, and if you stick to the rules you will never get kicked off. Some of the rules are simple. Answer the questions yourself when it states it. When it asks for your 10 year old son to answer, let him do it, not you. Use your good sense and know what each survey company asks of you.

There are more survey companies out there than you know. I have more that i will show you later, but be sure to check out the ones we have for you here.