Top Survey Sites


This is my list of the top 10 Survey Sites that pay the most.

(1)  Globaltestmarket – Surveys don’t take long & money is good

(2)  Survey Savvy –  I chose this company because they pay better than the others

(3)  American Consumer Opinion – These surveys are easy, pay well & test products

(4)  My View – Fast surveys & fast rewards

(5)  Esearch – Pay well for each survey 

(6)  My Opinion Outpost – Many surveys everyday so fast rewards

(7)  Survey Spot – A good paying company, been around a long time

(8)  Zoom Panel – Points change into paypal or amazon

(9) Schlesinger Associates – A Research Company that pays up to $350 for answers

(10)  Directive Analytics – Well paying & top dollar

These are just some of the best. Hold on for a minute so i can come up with the rest.


1.  The B2bVoice – pays well if you know how to answer IT questions(not for everyone) 

2.  U30 – sends out product samples and you get paid to test them

3.  Kidzeyes – you & your kids do surveys, do focus surveys, they pay very well & fast

4.  BzzAgent – sign up to do product testing, they send out quality items

5.  Latinoeyes – if you are hispanic, sign up for surveys, pays well and on time

6. I-Say – another great survey place with lots sent to your email

7. Reckner –  pays from $100-$250 for focus group studies – great place

8.  Teenseyes – from 13-18, a spinoff from Kidzeyes, just as good as younger set

9.  New Balance Shoes  –  wear while you’re testing their shoes(new pair every 6 wks)

10.20/20 Research – a focus group pays $100-$250 plus does product testing

These are the next group i promised. There are more i will bring later. Please leave a comment and support us by clicking on our other sites and ads. We appreciate your being here and would like for you to leave your site address.


1.  Paid Viewpoint – sends many everyday & cashout at $25

2.  Gongos Research – money adds up quick

3.  E-Poll – surveys are easy to do

4.  Inspired Opinions – great paying company sends lots of surveys

5.  i-Question – unusual company has high paying surveys

6.  Valued Opinions – take as many surveys as you want

7.  My Opinion Now – you will love this place

8.  Product Report Card – you get lots of easy to do surveys

9.  Send Earnings – get a $5 signup bonus

10. Pollbuzzer – cute $1 surveys that are fast

This is my third set of survey companies. I guarantee everyone on this page will make you some money. All you have to do is the work. Its easy work, fast and well rewarding and at the end of the month you will not believe the amount you have made, so get in there and start with your first one.


1.  Focusforwardonline – make lots of money with them

2.  Hiving – new on the scene

3.  Mindfield Online – sends many survey invitations a day

4.  Opinion Outpost – been around for years, reliable

5.  VIP Voice – changed from Npd, pays well

6. Swagbucks –   get so many points from this company(turn into cash)

7. Smarty Pants –  cute kid survey place where you make more money doing what you love

8.   –    easy to take and get paid; even tho it’s in Canada they pay us in dollars and the surveys are short

9.  Consumer Survey – clearly a new site you will love

10. e-research global – many surveys for you

Here is another group of 10 survey sites i know you will love as much as i do. Remember every one of these i do myself and make money with which means you can to. I won’t give you anything you can’t make real money with. Thanks everyone for being supportive.


1.  Opinion Plus – get $10 automatic payments to Paypal

2.  iPoll Surveys – get a bonus of $5 for signing up

3.  Darwin’s Data – get $25 for every survey you fill out

4.  Brand Institute – move up to VIP Surveys & make even more

5.  Honest Insite –  very easy surveys and you cash out fast

6.  Give Us Your 2 cents Surveys – Take as many as you want & make as much as you want

7.  Toluna – Win gifts, cash and test products

8. –  Earn $1 when you join and as much as $10 for each survey

9.  Points2shop – Lots to do here to make money fast

10. HCD Research –  likes to do medical surveys, pays better

This is my 5th group of survey sites and they are all active.  You should be able to earn well over $600+ every month.  I was making over $1000 every month. All of these places i have been paid cash by. I have lots more and others you can earn Amazon certificates with so keep coming back and leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.


1. – Lots of surveys & pays out in great giftcards

2. – They send surveys by mail with cash included & surveys online

3.  –  lots of ways to make extra money

4. – Install the Smart App for $5, $10 for the next 2 weeks, and $5 for every month after that

5. – A newish site that pays with points and you cash out for dollars

6. – Participate in studies & receive cash or Amazon certificates

7. – Been a member for over 10 yrs, always pays with check immediately

8. – Pays between $2-10 for each survey

9.  –  Been around a long time and pays cash

10. – Same with this one, earn as much as you want & cash out with paypal or a check

This is my 6TH group of Survey Sites for everyone that i still take myself. Some of your survey sites like Doohickeys have no idea how to find the amount of survey places where you can sign up and make real money. A lot of the good ones have closed or merged and a business like ours has to stay on top of things for the people that rely on them. I will keep posting good sites and i would appreciate it if you will participate in the rest of Doohickeys.


1. – This is a great place to get free products to test & keep(could be food or medicine for sinus problems or a toaster or stand mixer.

2. – They pay well for their research & send out products to test as well.

3. – New Research Company that pays well for your answers.

4. – Another great paying research company.

5. – Been around a long time, wants moms & kids.

6. – If you work in this area or own your own business, they pay well for their surveys.

7. – Do all the surveys you want for cash money.

8. – They send me 25 surveys everyday; cashout with amazon or paypal.

9. – Another survey place about babies where you get paid cash.

10. – They have loads of surveys for you to do for cash.

This is my 7TH group of Survey Sites. I am amazed at how many places there are for us to make money these days, much more than there were when i first started out 15 years ago. There are more places to come, so please keep coming back, and check out the “Make More Money Here” page because it has a lot of different places that are easy to make money with and they are permanent, like a job if you want.

1.  –  this is one of the newest survey places, earn 25,000 points & cash out at $25 – many surveys to take

2.  –    great place for teens & tweens to earn amazon points & earn cash at times

3.  –  for any girls involved in gymnastics, you can earn points to be cashed out

4.  –  this is a brand new survey place you can receive paypal or other ways after you make your points; $5.00 bonus to start

5. a cool place, you’ll love it, get paid with paypal, looks like a little outerspace site
6.  – if you have an account at Wyndham Hotel, take surveys & earn points to stay free at these hotels
7. has been around a long time; you click on an email sent to you, earn points & pick out a gift card–very simple
8.  –  a new site where you can make money with paypal doing surveys, polls, offers & tasks
9.     –    research company pays $75-$250 to test products or do research online for them that’s easy(only takes 45 minutes to an hour)
10.     –     one of the easiest sites because you do the same thing all the time & make $5-10 for each one
This is the start of my 8th set of 10 different survey or research company sites. Surveys sites pay less but you get more of them all the time. Research companies pay more but you get lots less because they don’t let you sign up as often to give everyone a chance. There are enough Research companies out there and you don’t want to be left out of those great paying places.
1.     –    consistently pays you $3 for taking their fast survey
2.    –    join if you care for someone, relative or friend, and you live with them or they live with you, and you take care of all their needs – Get paid in points that revert to gift cards
3.     –     another research company located in the Memphis area – Pay is usually by check from $50-$250
4.     –    this is an automotive panel that you will answer questions and earn points that revert to gift cards or cash
5.   –  research company pays well when you are chosen
6.   –  Easy to get 1500 points & you cash out at $15
7.  – You get $3 to sign up and make money different ways
8.   –  Make money just filling out your profile and you get many surveys
9.  –  Research company that pays $75-$250 for one time survey
10.  –  if you live in the UK or Ireland, sign up to the community that talks about skin problems and get cash for your contributions
I hope all these Survey and Research companies are making you lots of money. When i started with this website that’s what i had in mind. If you appreciate my help, please keep my website going by clicking on a few adsense ads. This is my 9th set of 10 companies. Just want to say how much i love doing these myself and thank you as well. Another great place to make extra money is under the “Make Money Here” section.
1.  –  sign up to be a member of Amazon Preview to watch tv series and movies before they are seen by the public.
2.  –  Research Company that pays well up to $300/i join as many as possible
3.  –  They pay $50 for their surveys
4.  –  Sign up for this Research Company and make up to $300 when invited to a focus group
5.  –  hopefully this is a roundabout way for you to get signed up with PINECONE RESEARCH; at any given time you know they close the signup page; click on the green button to “join now” and it will take you to the next page to choose the country you are signing up with. Good Luck!
6.  – You get $5 for joining & surveys pay well, like $17
7.  – Fun place to make lots of money doing surveys & stuff
8.  – They have $10 surveys
9.  – They have $500 surveys
10.  – These companies pay big for your opinion
This is the start of another group of survey places for you guys. I’ve been doing this a long time and know where to find all the great survey places, so please keep coming back and tell all your friends so they can earn money as well.
1.  –  They have surveys from $5-75+ and you earn $2 when you first sign up.
2. – here is another place with lots of surveys
3.   –  Anybody living in Australia this is only for you plus you get a $10 e-gift
5.  –  do surveys and lots more to make money here
7.  –  make a lot doing as many as you want
8.  –  bonus of $5 when you sign up
9.  –  more cute surveys
10.  –  you have never had so many surveys to do