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Here are more ways for you to make more money here and earn cash. Some of these places have some surveys you can do, but they also have what they call offers where you sign up to do different things like signing up with a company or testing out a product. In the end, you receive points you can cash out with or just plain ‘ole cash itself.

  1. – what a cute little site you will love
  2. – easy to make money here
  3. – love this place, made so much money here
  4. – sign up with neilson panel, give opinion every week & be rewarded
  5. – made a lot and cashed out a lot
  6. – just look at magazine & give opinion
  7.  – made $30 fast
  8. – another place to earn
  9. – i like this place, it’s fast to earn
  10. – many people have cashed out here
  11. – test products & they are yours
  12. – new place to me
  13. – get paid to click & share links
  14. – free stuff or get paid to search, read e-mails, paid to click
  15. – lots of how-to’s here
  16. – just for people owning websites
  17. – play games and win
  18. – either lend or borrow money here
  19. – lots of short surveys & other stuff to do
  20. – another money-maker
  21. – you will love this place & make a killing
  22. – get a lot to do here
  23. – make money with offers & surveys
  24.  – $5 to join, then choose offers you want to do
  25. — Get paid daily to watch videos, take surveys, visit new websites and more! Daily pay!
  26.  Get paid $5 to sign up for this site and also earn cash when you listen to the radio, make calls, try apps, watch videos and more!
  27.  Listen to new music for 30 seconds and earn .10 for every song you listen to. Pays via Paypal.
  28. Watch movie trailers, videos and more for Amazon, Starbucks, Target and other gift cards and rewards. Very easy to earn. Available for Mac users, Windows, iphone, ipads, ipod touch, Android devices, Chrome and Firefox.
  29.  Get paid to post on forums.
  30.  Get paid to listen to music.
  31.  Get paid to write short reviews and post them on your blog.
  32.  Get paid $8 for just 20 minutes of your time to visit various websites and give your feedback. Pays via PayPal.
  33.   Get paid cash to sell your used books. Free shipping.
  34.   Get cash back when you shop online. You will receive a check in the mail.
  35. — loads of ways to make money & i have been doing it for 15 years
  36. — $3 to join plus free ways to be rewarded from this site
  37. —  $10 for each test you do
  38.  –  used to be called zoom points; not a bad way to make money; refer people and make even more
  39.  –  get paid to write articles, videos, photography, etc-$10 each
  40.  –  do small tasks, easy, after making $8, get paid to paypal

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