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If you have a website and want to post free ads, i’ve found this is the best place to do it. You can earn money by placing this on your website as well, but if you have a product you want to sell, try Adland Pro because they have been around a long time and have a lot of subscribers.

Get Tools to success.


Even if you have a job these days, it is not enough. Everyone is looking for ways online to make more money, me included. So, i thought i would add a couple of good money-makers that you smart folks can make a go of. I probably will be all over the place with this because what appeals to one person just might not appeal to others. There are enough money-makers online for all of us to be happy.

My goal is for everyone to be able to add $1,000-$5,000 every month to their bank account. It is possible. I have been known to make $1,000 a month just doing surveys before, but i like to do a little bit of everything. It makes for a more interesting life.

My first one is this:  For $10 set-up fee you get your own website. It’s real cute and very easy to run. You have no products so you have nothing to ship. Customers pay you. You can use it to build a mailing list if you want. It is designed so people can help you advertise and you make 100% of the profits. So give it a try because it’s so cheap, you have nothing to lose:




You find a new Survey Panel you think you might make more money at and join. Then you find out they are charging $49.95.   You are not supposed to pay them. They are supposed to pay you. Some of these places will tell you that you will be able to make as much as $200 a survey. That barely happens unless you are lucky enough to get invited to a Focus Group and then you usually have to go online for between 3-14 days to put your input to a company’s new product or service. Some of these places will tell you that you will make big money and if you pay their one-time fee they will tell you how you will be able to stay at home and you can make enough to quit your job. Do you actually believe that?

I have been taking surveys for so many years, i can tell you it’s not true. What if they say “pay our fee and you will receive a long list of survey companies to sign up with”. Wrong!  What if these places just want your email address to send you their “spam” junk mail. These crazy rip-off places do nothing good for you.

There are quite a few survey places out there called “survey routers” that have a list of surveys for you to do everyday. The only problem with these places are the surveys are not short, but the money is. Most of those surveys you only get from $.50-$1.25 for each one. You will get paid but you have to take so many to make any amount of money at all. What really irritates me about some of these places is they give you points instead of real cash and their point system is horrible. You should get paid $10 for what they are trying to pay you $1 or $2. The other thing i don’t like about them is they say they will pay you with gift certificates. Some of those GC don’t do you any good because the physical store is no where near you and you can’t use it on their online store.

I call it a “big mess”. I don’t like it all the way around, so i have always stuck to something i know. I have chosen my survey places well and tried to stick with these good companies, and if you stick to the rules you will never get kicked off. Some of the rules are simple. Answer the questions yourself when it states it. When it asks for your 10 year old son to answer, let him do it, not you. Use your good sense and know what each survey company asks of you.

There are more survey companies out there than you know. I have more that i will show you later, but be sure to check out the ones we have for you here.




Can You Make A Living Doing Surveys

I’ll cut straight to the point and say “Maybe.” By their very nature, there are built in limits to just how much you can earn doing paid surveys that are offered online and that is why they are best thought of as pocket money. On average, you’ll be eligible to complete 10 to 25 surveys a month for any one company. Completed surveys generally pay between $1 and $10 dollars.

If you sign up with enough survey sites and fit a set of demographics that they frequently need, it is quite possible to cover all of your entertainment expenses for the month, and if you can do this full time it’s possible to make a monthly rent or mortgage payment and the other bills you need to pay every month. At the most you are likely to earn between $100 and $2000 doing paid surveys. Any site that suggests otherwise is likely trying to scam you into paying for information that is freely available if you know where to look for it.

So  can you earn a living doing paid surveys?


The main reason you might hear someone saying you can’t make a living doing paid surveys is that for every survey that market research firms need to conduct, they also have a set of criteria for who is eligible to do the survey. This usually includes demographics information such as gender, age, annual earnings, job category, family size, etc. It really depends on what the target market is for the product being discussed.

For example, you won’t be able to do surveys about dog food if you don’t own a dog. So while the market researchers may have lots of different survey opportunities available, you’ll usually only be eligible to take some of them. Of course, if you fit a demographic that they are looking for frequently like having a son 10 or a daughter 13, you’ll find yourself with a lot more survey-taking opportunities.

How much can you actually earn doing paid surveys?

How much you can earn doing online surveys partially depends on what kinds of surveys you want to do. If you prefer to stick strictly to the surveys conducted by market research firms, you will usually max out at around $500-1000 a month and may not even approach that if you aren’t in the demographic they are seeking to cover that month.

If you are also interested in getting involved in doing offers and surveys that are used to promote specific products, you can earn quite a bit more. Many folks who do online surveys also sign up with what is known as “Get Paid To” sites, commonly referred to as GPT sites.

The downside of GPT sites though is usually you need to sign up for some offers with your credit card and you occasionally need to actually buy things in order to get the payment. That’s the only way to earn the big money on these sites. You’ll also need to keep track of what you’ve signed up for and when so you can cancel any free trials you’ve decided not to continue, otherwise you’ll be paying out more money than you are earning. I know of people who got stuck paying $80 every month for a product they thought they were getting for just a few dollars. What they don’t tell you is that once you sign up with your credit card they charge you every month for that product and it’s perfectly legal.

By using GPT sites to complete offers, you will also be opening yourself up to marketing phone calls, email and postal mail. If you already do some of your shopping online, however, GPT sites can not only save you a lot of money, you can also earn some extra money as well. There are also ways to limit some of the privacy concerns.

One important thing to keep in mind as you look for survey opportunities, all survey and GPT sites are free to join. Never pay for a list of sites or a survey membership site.

Top 10 list of Survey Companies 

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