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Choose Survey Sites Carefully

Choose Survey Sites Carefully because you never know just what you have until later. I can’t tell you how many Survey Sites i have signed up with–750 at least. Many times i have signed up with one that said “Make $50-$100 Per Survey”. You know good and well it is a trick, but i did it anyway just to see if it might be real. I would sign up and it only has 5-6 companies to sign up with or it’s one of those sites you need your credit card for and it is a trial product and if you don’t forget to call and cancel the trial they will send you another product that charges you $89.95. You call time after time and rant and rave to get them to take your name and credit card off.

Please make sure you don’t pay to join! There are too many places to sign up with that you do not have to pay. Make sure you check out what age child and adult they want. Some of the research companies now want to use teenagers to take surveys. Some let teenagers sign up which gives them some extra money in their pockets. Others include younger kids. Most all send products out to be tested, whether its diapers, shoes, or food. I have been sent quite a few things and love testing them.

If you are smart, you will start a new gmail account just for your survey taking. You don’t want a lot of spam sent to your good email account. Also, i’ve touched on this earlier but thought i would bring it up again–only sign up with companies that pay Cash or Points that turn into Cash. If all they do is put you into their sweepstakes pile, i don’t think it is legitimate plus you never win. Many times i’ve done this and sat around forever hoping to win and you just don’t. One other thing that is annoying–the legitimate sites let you cash out usually when you save $5-10. It’s the others that make you wait until you’ve saved $50-100. The good ones let you cash out using PayPal or send you a check. The others want to send an online e-gift card. If you earned $5 that is what you get and i now have 6- $5 gift cards to 5 different stores i don’t go to. What can you get for $5? It’s a real pain.


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