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I wanted to tell you guys about a couple of places on the internet that you might not have heard about where you will Sign Up For Easy Online Money. In some cases, they give you $5 or $10 just to sign up, and in my book that’s free money you don’t have to work for. Most of these places have been around a long time and that is a very good thing, because the money you make is safe and you can come back often. Just wanted to make sure i told you about something–some companies, not especially these, but pay attention and read about their site. You make a little money and they take it out when you don’t come back after a certain amount of time. Just be sure and check each one out you sign up for.

Clixsense – sign up here:  –  There are many games you can play to make money if you like games. There are surveys for you to do, products for you to test, and all the money winds up in your total completed offers for you to cash out.  Some people like cash offers, which they have an abundant amount for you, and i do like those free products you get. The next thing they have is crowdflower tasks, which means you do a small task and get paid for it.

Unique Rewards – sign up here:  –  they have a great variety of always new offers and surveys; there is a wide range of coupons for a great variety of goods;  weekly payments via both PayPal and check; free contests with highly rewarding prizes; a unique Click Cash Section. Get $0.01 just for 1 click; You will get cash for taking surveys online, completing offers, reading emails, visiting websites and shopping online. – sign up here:  –  This is quite a unique place where you can do PTC and make money with a new cryptocurrency called “Dodgcoins”. Who wouldn’t want to be at the beginning of another bitcoin? They have paid out in over 18 Billion dodgcoins.

Neobux – sign up here:  –  worldwide service available in a multi-language environment. Our service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement(s) on our site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.

Cashcrate – sign up here:  –  They are a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn cash for completing offers, doing tasks, and participating in online surveys.  


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