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Your Time Their Money

When i say “Your Time Their Money”, i am talking about how you will get paid. For anyone new to taking surveys, i just wanted to let you know what you will be getting for your participation. This industry has changed a lot in the past fifteen(15) years.  Even though some of these companies have merged or been bought out, you can still get paid by paypal and even a few send checks. These are the ones i love. When you spend your time to answer these companies, you want to be paid for it. If they pay you with what they call a tango card, that is just like cash, too. I let money build up to about $25-50, then i ask them to send me a check. Some of these places allow you to choose gift cards. I like the Walmart, CVS or Best Buy. Get the ones you spend money at. It’s so nice to be able to use a gift card and not your own money. If anyone ever finds a good one like the tango card, please leave a comment so we can all benefit from it. Ten years ago there were a different set of companies around then. Times have changed like everything else. Companies have changed the way they pay, at least some of them have. Like i have been saying, we all want to get paid for what we do. There are still reputable research companies out there that pay for our opinion and need it.  If anyone knows of other companies i don’t have listed, leave them in the comment section as well. Thanks, guys.


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