Another Survey Perspective

I like to add someone else’s content to my website so that you can find out as much as possible about making money with surveys.  I like to make a lot everyday and i know your time is valuable as well. I have taken a $1 survey and it took me 4 hours to finish it, mainly because i kept saying to myself “It will be over in a minute, just hang in there”.  But of course, it wasn’t over and it just went on forever, and the longer i stayed the more i wanted to get paid for what i had done.  There should be a law against some of these companies doing this.  The other thing that really gripes me is to start off with the survey and you are 15-20 minutes into it thinking you are almost thru when it kicks you off.  I always thought there was an unwritten rule where you would get kicked off right away if you did not qualify.  More and more of these survey companies just don’t care about us and are giving Surveys a bad name because of it.  That’s why i try to put the survey companies i have used myself and know to be legitimate.  If you find out that one is being disreputable, please let me know.

This video is another person’s belief of the companies they believe in. I am showing this to you in hopes it will add even more to your list so you will have more ways to make money.  Good luck to all of you.