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Easy Money Being A Website Evaluator

Web site’s owners are always looking to improve the way things function on their sites and user testing is the best way for them to gain valuable first-hand information. To do this, they need you. This is one of the easiest jobs i’ve found on the internet to make money because it only takes about 15-20 minutes for each test and you can make $10 for only a few minutes. Some of these sites pay you up to $50, so it really is worth it to sign up.

To perform this task you need a computer with Internet connection and a microphone. To do some of these jobs you need a webcam, and of course, everyone has to have a Windows or Mac Computer.

A company like UserTesting, for instance, will ask for your demographic profile before assigning you the appropriate web sites that match you with their targeted audience.

Your job will be to test and evaluate websites. After you download their UserTesting screen recorder, you’ll basically record your experience (what you like, what you don’t, how the design looks, etc) as you go through the website.



Website Evaluator                                                                                             website evaluator